Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas Decorations for Students🎄

Are you a student? Skint? Think Christmas décor will be too expensive? Don’t worry we have the perfect ideas to make your Student flat/house Christmassy and it will barely cost you anything!

Here we have listed a few items you can buy to get your room feeling festive:

  • Plenty of tinsel – Poundland (£1)
  • Miniature Christmas tree – Amazon or EBay (£1+ Depending size and decortion)
  • Fairy lights/Christmas lights to hang around your room – Home Bargains (£2.29 – £14.99)
  • Snowman/Reindeer ornaments – Home Bargains (£0.50 – £30)
  • Kitchen décor: festive plates, plastic cups, table cloth and napkins – Poundland (£1)
  • Wreath for your door – B&M (£4.99 – £19.99)

Of course you can still play Christmas songs for no cost at all!

You could cook a Christmas dinner – Aldi sells all you need to have a feast and for cheap prices.

Thank you for reading and I hope this is useful for any students and you have an amazing Christmas.

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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