Blogmas Day 6 – Our Favourite Christmas Candle Scents🔥

Our favourite Christmas candles of 2017. If you are looking to try a new smell over the Christmas period be sure to try one of these! Don’t worry about the price they don’t have to be expensive to smell really good, we often find the cheaper, the better the candle!


Asda’s Christmas Spice Candle:

For the Candle in the photograph above this is only £2! For this reasonably sized candle for the price is amazing! The candle lasts a long time and the smell is the right strength not too strong but not too weak where you can’t smell it. I would definitely recommend getting this candle to get you in a Christmas mood. The candle gives off a warm, cosy smell lovely on a cold Christmas day with the family. Christmas spice candle smells of Cinnamon, Orange and Ginger spices flowing through the air. We love this candle and would say it’s our favourite this year.

Asda’s Frosted Mint Candle:

Another great value candle from Asda, this one does come in a few different sizes which vary in price. For us the Christmas Spice is a nicer Christmas smell as this one does just smell of mint which doesn’t scream Christmas to us. It still is a lovely refreshing smell to give your room a clean and open aroma. Again the candle does last a long time for the price which is good and for after the New Year when the festivities are over this would be a perfect aroma and a hangover cure smell!

25474105_10210623137845705_1724335152_o.jpgYankee Christmas Candles:

Yankee candles can become expensive but realistically for the 31 days of December/Christmas period the ‘Votive’ sizes are the right amount to last you the whole month and are only £1.99 online and in stores such as Collectables. These can be a lovely gift in a hamper or stocking filler with a pound candle holder for under £5 – just an idea!😉

Yankee Votive Candle: Season of Peace:

This is a lovely candle to remind you of the religious side of Christmas. It gives you a warm helpful feeling and is perfect to remind you of the birth of baby Jesus. This also is a lovely representation of untouched silently peaceful snowy land with a warm and relaxed feeling inside. Is has a lovely smell of walking out on that cold, crisp, snowy winter morning! A fresh smell and is not over powering and reminds us of a white musk smell. We think it doesn’t have a Christmas smell but lovely for the winter season.

25552894_10210635748880973_2028719833_oYankee Votive Candle: Christmas Cookie:

If you are a fan of the Spiced Cookie Latte this is the candle for you! This gives off that beautiful smell of home baked cookies but don’t worry it’s not a sickly, rich smell of them. We have given friends this candle in the past and always had positive feedback from it as well. To simply sum it up this gives you a warm, childhood feeling or your parents’ home baked cookies.

Yankee Votive Candle Christmas Rose:

This candle states its dominating smell in the name, yes, roses. This gives off a lovely smell of roses flowers with a hit of a flower garden behind. We personally think this does give off a strong smell and after a while it can bring on headaches (depending on how you are with scents). This is perfect for them miserable winter days when you are dreaming of summer.


Yankee Votive Candle: Merry Marshmallow:

This give us a happy and toasty feeling when lit. It reminds us of our childhood sat outside by the campfire making smores and toasting marshmallows with all the family. This candle gives of a lovely vanilla aroma and creating a toasty atmosphere. Merry Marshmallow doesn’t remind us of Christmas as it simply is a vanilla smell but still a lovely smell for the rest of the year to freshen up your home.

Yankee Votive Candle Christmas Eve:

This is very similar to the Christmas Spice candle from Asda but this has a sweeter, sugared plum and fruity smell to it with a subtle kick of spice for a Christmastime theme. This is a lovely candle and would recommend for a Christmas gift to anyone. This festive fragrance reminds us of Christmas with all the fruits and spices flowing around the house in the air. We love to light this on Christmas Eve to get the family in the festive mood!

25579191_10210635749240982_1167386670_oYankee Votive Candle Christmas Garland:

We thought this would be a strong forest smell but actually it is like walking into the garden store looking for that real Christmas tree to buy at the beginning of December. Lovely fragrance of freshly cut pine scent and not overpowering. This candle even has a subtle hint of cranberries to give that sweeter smell to the fresh pine. We have an artificial Christmas tree so lighting this candle still gives us that Christmas outdoor, spiced fresh pine scent around the house.

25577092_10210635749280983_16139920_oThank you for reading and we would love to hear about our favourite Christmas candle scent!

Have a lovely Christmas🎄

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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