Blogmas Day 10 – Our Favourite Christmas Chocolate🍫

Christmas is the best time to eat a load of chocolate, today we are going to tell you what our most favourite is to eat which is… QUALITY STREET.

Quality Street have a good selection of chocolate flavours and are an amazing a Christmastime. These are sold in most shops over Christmas season and a great gift to anyone.

If you have not had Quality Street selection tub before here are a few different chocolates we have picked out to tell you about and what we think!


Toffee Penny and Toffee Finger:

These are both toffee. The Toffee Penny is a round circle of pure toffee whereas the Toffee Finger is a stick of toffee coated in milk chocolate. These are both hard toffee and can be quick chewy. People often say the Toffee Penny is about to take your teeth out as it’s chewy and hard.


Orange Cream and Strawberry Delight:

These are flavoured creams in the middle coated in dark chocolate. The red one contains a strawberry flavoured cream wrapped in dark chocolate and the orange sweet contains a white, orange cream wrapped in dark chocolate. Personally, our favourite is the Orange Cream out of the whole tub!


Coconut Éclair:

If you like coconut, this is the one you! This is similar to a Bounty but chewier centre and not as strong on the coconut.


Milk Choc Block:

Don’t worry if you don’t like any of the fancy flavours this is great for you, this is simply a block of milk chocolate. This can be quick rich as it is a big block but is great for a break from all the flavours. This the green rectangle sweet.

Caramel Swirl:

This is a small and less sickly chocolate filled with soft, smooth caramel and wrapped in a thin layer of milk chocolate. This just melts in your mouth!


Also, the return on the Toffee Deluxe for the Christmas period.


Thank you for reading and we would love to hear what your favourite chocolate selection is!

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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