Our Morning Routines⏰

You looking for a fresh start in the New Year to motivate yourself out of bed for work or University lectures? We are going to tell you about ours! You never know this might help you as we weren’t morning people.

One of us is at work as a student intern and the other is at University so can get an idea for both routines.

26854926_10210796280334159_999747596_oBefore Work Routine (Female): 💼

I only leave myself an hour to get up for work and ready but that is enough for me and I also feel ready for the day. You don’t want to get up too early and find yourself sat downstairs for ages before leaving or leaving it too late and rushing!

My Diary:

  • ⏰ 6:00am – Alarm goes off
  • 📱 10 minutes I check my social media and news app
  • 💆🏼 6:10am – Grab my dressing gown and head to do my hair (sometimes straighten or tie-up)
  • 💄 6:20am – I head over to my mirror to do my make up (Moisturise then Foundation and Mascara)
  • 👗 6:30am – Throw on my Uniform and head downstairs
  • ☕️ 6:35am – Make myself cup of fruit tea and some breakfast of my choice then go sit down and relax for a bit
  • 🚗 6:55am – Head out to the car and leave for work.

I never use to eat breakfast or make it to my 9am lectures but being on placement has helped and got me into a good routine making sure I’m ready for the day ahead.

26854047_10210796279934149_1284947247_oBefore University (Male): 📋

Well I don’t have to get up that early at 6am so I get a nice lie in! To get me ready for the day I enjoy a fresh quick, body shower which wakes you up and gets your ready for a day ahead and you are clean!

My Diary:

  • ⏰ 7:30am – Alarm goes off
  • 📱 I check my phone and wake myself up for a little as no rush
  • 🚿 7:45am – I go jump in a quick shower
  • 👔 8:00am – Get dressed after the shower
  • ☕️ 8:10am – I grab myself a coffee and something to eat
  • 💼 8:30am – I get ready to walk to University
  • 👞 8:40am – I leave for my lecturer ready and refreshed

I don’t always have a shower if I have the night before so I use that half an hour to wake myself up and lie in bed for a little longer. I will make sure if I need a shower or not I will be up at 7:45am so I don’t fall out of the routine.

26855014_10210796279974150_1819858556_oThank you for reading and we hope these help you and follow our routines.

Rise & Shine ⭐️

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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