Fortnum & Mason: Christmas Spiced Tea☕️

Why not carry on the Christmas theme a little longer with some Christmas Spiced tea leaves by Fortnum & Mason.

We were given this as a present for Christmas as we love trying new tea flavours. From our first cup we have been addicted! This flavour gives you a lovely and warm feeling which is what you would like over the winter season.


This drink is full of festive flavours with hints of zesty clementine and cocoa nibs. This is a delicious Yunnan black tea which you can drink with or without milk. Just use a teaspoon per person and brew for 3-5 minutes.

What We Thought:

We left ours for about 5 minutes as we like our flavours strong but beware this does have a spicy kick aftertaste, so if you’re not a fan of strong spice flavours don’t brew for too long. This does give you a nice warm kick and even brewing it for a shorter time makes a lovely drink and barely any spice to hit you.


Thank you for reading and we hope you try this one out! Let us know your reviews and favourite teas.

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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