Tea Tourist – Shine & Sparkle Box⭐️

We are so lucky to get our hands on the Shine & Sparkle box by Tea Tourist.

This was Novembers box and been looking at it for a while but over winter we prefer to drink black tea rather than green and floral tea due to it being warmer and more filling on them cold, dark nights. However, we do love green and fruit teas in summer and as a change.


This box originally included:

  • Himalayan Darjeeling– by Pure Leaf (Black Tea)
  • Cheshire Breakfastby Cheshire Tea (Black Tea)
  • Autumn Fireby LEAF (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Black Cardamom Chaiby ICHAI (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Jade Tips by Good & Proper Tea (Green Tea)
  • Ali Mountain Oolongby Golden Tea Leaf (Oolong Tea)

Also we got our hands on the following two:

  • Spiced Orange Pekoe Teaby Spice Kitchen (Black Tea)
  • Mazawattee Earl Greyby Mazawattee Tea (Black Tea)

These two tea flavours are from their October box – Hats & Scarves. They are an amazing team!

We are so excited to try these 6 teas.

With us being fussy we can’t wait for the release of their new type of box – ‘Build a Box’ where you can select any 6 teas of your choice! What about that😁👌🏻 They have plenty of teas to chose from and taste☕️

Himalayan Darjeeling – Black Tea. Review up soon!

Follow our social media and website to stay updated with our journey through this box of teas. You never know you might just have the same taste in tea as us!

Our Instagram: @theeworldisyouroyster

Tea Tourist Instagram: @tea_tourist

Purchase this box from here!

Thank you for reading, reviews will be up soon for each one of these teas. If you have tried these flavours and have any favourites we should try, give us a message we would love to hear about them!

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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