Learning Something New: Fashion Sketching🎨

Taking our own advice from our New Year’s resolutions post last month, we decided to pick a few to do.

First one – Learn Something New!

I have always wanted to start drawing again but a different style. People I know have gone off to University to study ‘Fashion’ their portfolios are amazing and I’ve always wanted to get into Fashion Designing. Why not try something new and give it ago.


I went and bought a sketch book and some sketching pencils and followed a few tutorials to create me own designs.

I started out with the basic female’s body using circles and lines, which I then went a little further to turn the lines into body parts.


After managing the basic body, I decided to go for a more detailed approach using a bit more shading, which I say was quite successful to what I thought it would be.

After that I then focused on looking at different hand positions you can create on a human pose. Again, I started off basic and working up by adding on more detailed lines until happy.


Finally, I have got up to sketching the different types of bras and knickers as that’s what goes on the body first. I would love to create fashionable underwear and no better way than to start with the basics first. My favourite range of underwear is Victoria’s Secret.


That’s all for now. Follow us to stay updated to where my drawing goes next. If you have any tips or advice for me I’d love to hear it!

27836043_10210966058898517_767668925_oThank you for reading and we would love to hear all about your adventures in trying something new.

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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