Granola for Gangsters: Orange, Date and Cardamom FlavouršŸ„£

This is our last flavour we got our hands on from Granola for Gangsters!

This pack was bursting with flavour from juicy dates to the tangy orange and hidden zingy cardamom. This product is made from buckwheat instead of jumbo gluten-free porridge oats, this is still gluten-free!

Our Review:

As we have stated in our previous blog reviews of other flavours we found the granola flavours a little bland when mixed with natural Greek yogurt so we decided to mix this flavour with Vanilla yogurt. This definitely had more flavour but as for the texture the granola was crunchy but very small pieces were it was like crumbs!

Flavour: 8/10

Texture: 5/10

Overall this scored 65% this was the lowest of all 3 flavours but still a high rating, the texture of the small granola pieces we prefer chunky, crunchy granola. The flavour went really well with the vanilla yogurt and can definitely tell the orange flavour stands out. We didnā€™t add any additional fruit or flavours to this flavour as it was enough without with the yogurt and this was still really nice.

These packs of granola are high in protein which make a great breakfast before hitting the gym and start your day off right!

Check out their new LIMITED EDITION flavour: Express Yourself (Coffee, Choc & Cherry)

Thank you for reading and we would love to know your reviews if you have tried this before!

The World Is Your OysteršŸŒ

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