Himalayan Darjeeling by Pure Leaf Review☕️

We Brits love a good cup of tea and we are going to review a selection of tea flavours from Tea Tourists Shine & Sparkle and Hats & Scarves boxes.


Starting with the Himalayan Darjeeling. This is by Pure Leaf and found in the Hats & Scarfs Tea Tourist monthly box.

Himalayan Darjeeling is a long leafed tea from the Himalayas. It has a subtle floral notes which creates a lovely sweet taste. This tea is very smooth and goes well with a dash of milk.


Our Review:

This tea is lovely but not one of our favourite flavours! This doesn’t have a strong flavoured taste, instead is quite a bland tea flavour resulting in a similar taste to standard black tea after a while. To really get the flavour you need to leave the tea to brew for a while or the floral sweet taste goes quickly.  Our first cup we brewed for 3 minutes like on the instructions and we thought the flavour faded quite quickly but our second cup we brewed for 6 minutes and was lovely, flavour lasted throughout. We added a dash of milk to both drinks as this is a black tea rather than a flavoured black tea which suggests the flavour to not be as strong.

Flavour: 5/10

Aroma: 5/10

Appearance: 4/10

Overall we rated this 47%, this was down to the flavour and aroma of the flavour disappearing quickly and the taste wasn’t as strong as expected. The tea looks plain as the leaves are long and plain black which give the impression of a bland tea.

Left image: brewed for 3 minutes.

Right image: brewed for 6 minutes.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear your feedback on this flavour.

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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