Autumn Fire Tea by LEAF Review☕️

Well to start this tea won a Taste award in 2016!

This tea is from Tea Tourist’s – Shine & Sparkle – November’s monthly box ⭐️✨

Autumn Fire is a black tea with a spicy kick. Mixed with the black tea is cinnamon, rose petals, orange peels and almonds giving it a fruity and floral taste. Ceylon black tea is used within this mix which gives it the smooth and rich taste so when we added a dash of milk this gave it a smooth creamy texture.

Our Review:

  • Flavour: 6/10
  • Aroma: 7/10
  • Appearance: 8/10

This overall scored 70% this flavoured black tea has a strong flavour with a kick. It’s lovely but definitely a more autumn/winter drink due to its flavour. The cinnamon makes the flavour more of a Christmas/winter season drink. I do like a change during the year. On a gloomy not so summer day this would create a warm feeling inside. The floral and fruity taste does add to the summer vibes!

We brewed ours for 4 this time was perfect for us, it is recommended a brewing times of between 3 and 5 minutes so we picked the middle. We found it even better with a dash of milk this gave it a more creamy texture. We don’t normally add milk with flavoured black teas but this was definitely one to try it with.

The aroma hit you straight away, as soon as the packed was opened all the flavours filled the room and didn’t fade for a while. Even when the hot water hits the tea leaves in the cup the smell stays with the drink until you have finished.

The appearance is amazing. The orange peels and rose petals stand out of the dark black tea creating a firework look from there bright colours.

For a sample of this tea it is only £2 which makes 2 cups of tea If you want to try it first, Click here to buy yours now!

This is our first tea sample from the LEAF Company and the use of flavours mixed to create this tea is wonderful and definitely look to purchase more from this company in the future. We do have our eye on Champagne Cassis Tea and Fairy Wings Tea which both look to have a creative mix of flavours and sound delicious!

Thank you for reading our review on this tea! We would love to hear what you thought of this tea flavour is any from the LEAF company we should try!

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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