Black Cardamom Chai by ICHAI Review☕️

This flavoured black tea is busting with flavours with ingredients from cinnamon to star anise and cloves. Again this tea also was awarded two gold stars by the Great Taste Award judges.⭐️⭐️

This tea is known to be popular with Whiskey drinkers, which put us off a little as we don’t drink a lot of Whiskey, but I’m glad we tried it. We can now say if you’re not a fan of Whiskey don’t let that put you off this tea! This tea is strong, rich and a smoky blend of Chai. Perfect for people who prefer a stronger tasting tea.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Black Cardamom (12%), Green Cardamom, Star Anise and Cloves.

Our Review:

  • Flavour: 3/10
  • Aroma: 4/10
  • Appearance: 6/10

Overall we rated this 43.3% – this was our lowest rating which was influenced by the smoky aroma and aftertaste. With being non-smokers the tea gave a pretty strong aftertaste of smoke in your throat which really put us off. The tea tasted nice to start with, it was just after when it hit the back of your throat, which was a shame! The appearance of the tea was very pretty with the different colours and sizes of ingredients and the large star anise dotted in the mix.

We brewed ours for 5 minutes – this is within the recommended time and this was strong enough. This aroma hit you straight away, at first the cinnamon hits you but after a smoky smell lingers.

If this sounds like a tea you would like, purchase from here! 25g for only £3.95!

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this tea – get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

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