Take me Back to London!🇬🇧

Heyy readers, we would love to tell you all about our recent trip to London! So hope you enjoy and give you any tourist ideas for your next visit!

This was our first time visiting London in our nearly 4 year relationship!! How mad we had never thought about going until now!! We have both been before, I’ve been a lot with my family and visited many tourist spots.

So we only visited for the day and just got the train down into Euston station🚆. This station is far less busy than Kings-Cross although you miss out on the Platform 9 ¾!! (If you’re a Harry Potter fan⚡️). Still has plenty of tube connections – jump straight on the Victoria line and after 3 stops get off at Green Park and within 5 minute walk through Green Park you’re right outside Buckingham Palace! This was our first stop and tick on the bucket list✅.

Since it was a lovely day, 12 degrees and was the 30th December, we decided to walk down the mall to Trafalgar Square. This was quite busy as some Christmas market stalls were still up in front of the National Gallery. We didn’t stay long, but managed to find a road sign… this is part of our plan to find as many signs from the Monopoly game board haha🙈.

As we were so close we couldn’t miss off Downing Street, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. So we walked down Whitehall road and half way down is Downing Street – can’t see much and full of security haha😂😂! At the end was Big Ben and Houses of Parliament, but unfortunately work is still happening on Big Ben so it was covered in scaffolding🙁.

If you walk around the corner towards Westminster Bridge there is the Eye🎡! We really wanted to go on but never got round to booking it so that’s on our list for next time!! So we walked along the river (opposite side to the Eye) and got plenty of photos along the way… oops Zander was getting annoyed with me haha🙈📸!


Now we fancied a trip to Leicester Square to find somewhere to eat as it was now nearly half 2 and we were getting a bit hungry! Jumped on the tube from Embankment to Leicester Square and got in before 3pm. We had a good look around especially M&M World as Zander had never visited before😮!!!

The Christmas markets were still up here in front of the Odeon Cinema so was a little crazy with people everywhere and lots of street entertainment which had crowds gathered. As we walked down a street which seemed to have plenty of restaurants we had a look at every menu… we found a place called Steak & Co. we loved the menu and really fancied steak as we have just given up being Pescatarians for two years🤤🍴! The price was SO reasonable for centre of London as £16.25 for 8oz rump steak😍!! It was delicious… came out on a hot stove rare and you cooked for as long as you like and chose your selection of butter, salt and sauce which was all included!

Beth’s Choice:                                               Zander’s Choice:

Butter: Garlic and Parsley                           Butter: Red Wine and Shallot

Salt: Christmas Special                                 Salt: Smoked Paprika and Garlic

Sauce: Red Wine                                            Sauce: Bernaise

We would 100% recommend a visit if you are down in London👌🏻!

Now we were all full, we were ready to take on the shops! Jumped on a few tubes and arrived at Oxford Street station- we headed all the way down, but did take a d-tour to Victoria’s Secret and the Disney store🛍! We walked all the way down to Marble Arch which by this time it was dark and all lit up! As we were heading to Winter Wonderland we crossed the road and walked under Marble Arch into Hyde Park!

img_0016-1We have always dreamed of going to Winter Wonderland in London and now our dreams came true🙌🏻! After queuing for over half an hour due to security checks – which thank god for as you do feel so safe inside – we made it! It was so magical✨!! We walked all the way round, took us an hour!! You don’t realise how big it is inside with rollercoasters, rides, German markets, ghost trains and much more🎡🎢!! We stopped for some churros and mulled cider which were both delicious and warmed us up🍷.


One last place we wanted to squeeze in and visit was Piccadilly Circus, but I wanted to wait until dark to show Zander! We got on a few more tubes to arrive there and was quite busy as well! All the bright lights on the boards lit up the area as soon as you walked out the tube station! None of our photos do it justice haha🤦🏼‍♀️!

We now only had an hour left until our train home😢. We walked along the road back towards Green Park tube station and stopped off at my favourite tea shop… Fortnum and Mason!! Bought some of the Royal Blend black tea☕️. Then past the Ritz with all the fancy cars and doorman outside. One day we will go for afternoon tea there… we wish🤩😂!!

Finally our day of adventures came to an end as we jumped on our last tube back to Euston station, grabbed a coffee and onto our train home😴! We managed to visit a lot of places for a day and ended up doing 28,500 steps👣!! We were definitely ready for bed when we got home.

Hope you enjoyed reading about our latest adventure and we are getting ready for our next… Amsterdam in a months’ time📍🇳🇱!!

We would love to hear all about your adventures, do get in touch or if you want any tips for a tourist day in London feel free to DM us @theeworldisyouroyster!

Thank you for reading.

Beth & Zander x

Our Adventures at Edinburgh Zoo🐒🐧🐼🐯

Sorry readers we have been so busy but have some great experiences to share with you!

Well one of us celebrated their birthday the other weekend so the other surprised them to a trip to Edinburgh zoo! One place we both haven’t visited before so we would love to tell you all about our adventures at the zoo.

Ever been to Edinburgh Zoo before? It is definitely worth a visit!

As the zoo is up a hill we decided to rush to the top and work our way down. This was a good idea because everyone started at the bottom by the entrance so we got to see the animals on our own. I would recommend doing this and if you need mobility assistance that’s also available!

Edinburgh Zoo Park Map JPEG

The layout of the zoo is at the back there are the Big Cats, in the middle are Birds and Monkeys. To the left are more Monkeys, Giant Pandas and Penguins and at the front by the entrance are a variety from Pelicans to Meerkats. Above is the full map.

At the top of the map (top of the hill) there is a viewing point which shows some amazing views of Edinburgh. If you have a gorgeous clear day like us you can capture some fantastic photographs!


Our favourite animal to see was the Giant Pandas but they do spend most the day inside sleeping, we would in the cold February weather!


This cheeky guy below soon woke up when there was food placed in his room! Edinburgh zoo has a wide variety of Monkeys and it’s the animal we saw the most of.


Every day they run a Penguin parade at 14:15 if the Penguins are willing to participate. Unfortunately they all seemed too lazy and sunbathing to walk the parade the day we went.


Edinburgh zoo does have a wide range of animals but maybe only 1 or 2 of them and we did find many of the areas empty and no animals home. Also, the animal walkthrough which is where you can walk through the home of the breed with them (but always stick to the paths) which many of the animals were inside so we went through the Monkeys, Wallaby’s and the Lemur’s. Out of the 3 only the Wallaby’s were outside. Not sure if this was down to the fact we went in the cold February.


Other than this little bit of disappointment above we did really enjoy the day-trip and would visit again, in the summer next time! The weather was great for us which topped it off.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear from you guys if you have visited before and hear your reviews and see your photographs!

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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Roseberry Topping Sunrise ☀️

If you are a morning person or looking for a free, energetic activity resulting in a beautiful view then this is something for you!

Overview of Roseberry Topping and Surroundings:

Roseberry Topping is one of the natural beauties of Teesside. Standing at 1049 ft high, so not the biggest hill, but provides a lovely view. Climbing this hill is one of the many different adventures that you can take in this area, others include:

  • Visiting Captain Cook’s Monument
  • Explore the Bluebell woods
  • Walk through the heather moorland
  • Discover the long abandoned quarry

If you are feeling really adventurous you can take a longer trip down to the nearest town of Great Ayton – there are plenty of coffee shops to refuel at!

Our Experience:

After checking the sunrise time the night before – we arrived at the bottom of the hill at 6am in the pitch black, which was a struggle on a Saturday morning! Taking us 30 minutes to climb at a steady pace, with plenty of food breaks, we eventually reached the top. Whilst getting our breath back the sky started to become lighter. At 6:47am this beautiful photo was captured.

The struggles of an early morning wake up and exercise was more than worth it in the end for the breathtaking view.

For anyone wanting to re-create this activity we recommend taking a torch and planning your route wisely (as there are several ways to climb up which vary in difficulty).

We would highly recommend experiencing this sometime if your life!

Thank you for reading.

The World Is Your Oyster 🌍

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