Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas Decorations for Students🎄

Are you a student? Skint? Think Christmas décor will be too expensive? Don’t worry we have the perfect ideas to make your Student flat/house Christmassy and it will barely cost you anything!

Here we have listed a few items you can buy to get your room feeling festive:

  • Plenty of tinsel – Poundland (£1)
  • Miniature Christmas tree – Amazon or EBay (£1+ Depending size and decortion)
  • Fairy lights/Christmas lights to hang around your room – Home Bargains (£2.29 – £14.99)
  • Snowman/Reindeer ornaments – Home Bargains (£0.50 – £30)
  • Kitchen décor: festive plates, plastic cups, table cloth and napkins – Poundland (£1)
  • Wreath for your door – B&M (£4.99 – £19.99)

Of course you can still play Christmas songs for no cost at all!

You could cook a Christmas dinner – Aldi sells all you need to have a feast and for cheap prices.

Thank you for reading and I hope this is useful for any students and you have an amazing Christmas.

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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Blogmas Day 1 – Christmas Carols with the Salvation Army🎶

Sorry we have been lacking in posts – Christmas is a busy time! We have decided to start the 12 days of blogmas! A post a day for 12 days leading up to Christmas – most Christmas themed.

25397711_10210607808622484_1215802238_o.jpgTuesday night was a lovely night, singing Christmas carols with the Salvation Army band. Around the Christmas season the Salvation Army band perform at a number of events around the UK in order to bring happiness to everyone. They stand in a public place for all to attend Christians or not, all are welcome to join in the Christmas carol singing. If you haven’t attended one of these events I highly recommend.

25397696_10210607808662485_390712294_o.jpgThe Salvation Army are a Christian charity group trying to make a difference to the world. They help with a number of things but these are some of them:

  • Addiction Dependency
  • Emergency Response
  • Family Tracking
  • Health (Running Hospitals and Clinics in needy areas of the world)
  • Social Work
  • Many International Projects they have worked on

Every year the Salvation Army band comes to our town for all to get wrapped up and join in the carol singing, from Away in a Manger to In the Bleak Mid-Winter. We gather by a parade of shops to sing for an hour or so, open to everyone, and finish at the church down the road for mince pies and hot drinks for a donation price if you want to follow. This is a lovely way to get everyone involved, bring joy and happiness to all and spread the word about all the hard work and help they bring to the world.

25434431_10210607808822489_1938068973_o.jpgLovely evening to see your community come together and help a well-deserved Charity out at this time of the year for them to help the ones in need around the world.

If you would like to know more about what they do, check out their website.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear if you join in with anything like this in your town?

Have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The World Is Your Oyster🌍

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T2: Choc Molten Marvel Tea☕️🍫

T2 have a wide selection of teas to choose from and as we were travelling to Leeds for the Christmas Markets we knew we had to stop here for a refill of our favourite flavour ‘Melbourne Breakfast’. When we visit, we love trying a few taster flavours and this one was given to use as soon as we walked through the doors and that’s when I knew it was the one to buy.

Choc Molten Marvel Tea:

This tea is a lovely mix of black tea leaves and chocolate flakes to create this delicious rich hot chocolate taste. To get a perfect flavour leave to brew for 2-4 minutes for 1 teaspoon of leaves and why not try a dash of milk for a ticker texture! Best part is you can purchase this flavour as tea leaves or teabags to suit all.


What We Thought:

This tea flavour is like a perfect mixture of tea and hot chocolate! It also has a slight tangy orange taste and a kick of Baileys to it and this makes it feel very festive, ready for Christmas. Don’t worry if you don’t like Baileys, neither do we but we love this flavour!

Why not try it out for yourself, here!


Follow them on Instagram: @t2tea

Purchase from: Choc Molten Marvel Tea Leaves

Follow us on Instagram: @theeworldisyouroyster


Thank you for reading and we hope to hear about your experiences and favourite tea flavours.

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Hot Chocolate Reindeers🎄🦌

Looking for something handmade for a Christmas present, something cheap and cheerful or even looking for stocking filler ideas, well, look no further we have the perfect gift for you!

Reindeer Hot Chocolates!

This are easy to make by following our step-by-step guide below and costs no more than £5 and this will create a few.

This product is basically a Reindeer’s head created from the ingredients to make a hot chocolate drink, which would go down a dream in the cold, Christmas season here in the UK.


What will you need?

  • Piping Bag – The head
  • Handful of Mini Marshmallows – To fill the head
  • Instant Hot Chocolate – To fill the head
  • Elastic bands – To wrap up the Ingredients
  • Brown Pipe Cleaner – The antlers
  • Mini Pom Pom – The nose
  • 2x Googly Eyes – The eyes
  • Glue – To stick them all on

Step-by-Step Guide:

Once you have all the ingredients in front of you, you are ready to follow this guide:

  1. Open the piping bag and fill with 8 heaped teaspoons of Instant Hot Chocolate powder
  2. On top of the Hot Chocolate powder place a handful of mini marshmallows
  3. Using the elastic band close the piping bag above the mini marshmallows and securely fasten with the Elastic band so nothing falls out
  4. Wrap the brown pipe cleaners around the piping bag at where the elastic band is and bend 1/3 of the way up and 2/3 of the way up bend the other way to look like the antlers
  5. Using the glue – stick the eyes on the piping bag just below where the marshmallows start
  6. Using the glue – stick the pom pom on in-between and slightly below the eyes
  7. That is your gift complete!


This gift would be complete with the addition of a mug! Cheap and cheerful filled full of festive spirit. This gift is perfect for all ages, from young children’s stocking fillers to adults hampers with a miniature bottle of Baileys for a creative twist.

With 4 heaped teaspoons of the hot chocolate powder it’s best to add 180ml of boiling water and to create a thicker texture why not add hot milk warmed up from the microwave.

One reindeer served both of us (2 people) and it was delicious after a long day at work and coming home in the dark, cold nights this warmed us both up! We had some left over Chocolate Powder so sprinkled some on top of our marshmallows.

It’s a lovely little gift, that doesn’t take long to make and would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear what you thought and see your photographs of your gifts!

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