Granola for Gangsters: Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio Flavour🥣

Mentioning previously on our blog the 3 different flavours of Granola we won we tried our second flavour the Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio.

We never really ate breakfast until we started having Granola for Gangsters Granola which has completely changed us.

31301395_10211492269173445_2662179253008728064_nOur Review:

Again like the Fig, Walnut and Vanilla we mixed the Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio flavour with natural Greek yogurt and found it was still a bland meal but the Cranberry was stronger which gave it some more flavour. The texture was good as the Granola was bigger and crunchier. Again, after trying it with the Greek yogurt we went and tried with the vanilla flavoured yogurt which is more fattening but blends really well with the Granola giving it some more flavour.


Flavour: 9/10

Texture: 9/10

Overall this rated 90% and this came 1st of out the 3 flavours. This flavour is our favourite, this is down to the granola pieces being lovely and crunchy, the sweet and sharp cranberry and the crunch from the grinded pistachio knocking about. Couldn’t really taste the Almond pieces but that was a positive for us as was the least liked part. Beautiful mix of flavours – with the addition of vanilla yogurt this was one tasty brunch!


Thank you for reading, hope our review will help and we would love to know if you have tried this flavour before and what you added to it!

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Granola for Gangsters – Get Your Fix Today 🥣

Sorry readers we have been extremely busy recently!

We are back and have some interesting reviews and posts to come.

To start with about a month ago we won a competition from Granola for Gangsters and Tabl Company. We were so lucky to get hold of all 3 of their granola flavours to try! The 3 flavours are listed further down.

We can’t wait to give them a try and update you guys with our review! They sound delicious and perfect for a healthy snack to keep you going.

About Granola for Gangsters Products:

They sell 3 flavours of granola which are:

  • Date, Orange and Cardamom
  • Fig, Walnut and Vanilla
  • Almond, Cranberry and Pistachio

At first when reading the flavours we thought some of these flavours wouldn’t go nice together but reading other people’s reviews which have been positive and also we like all the ingredients separately so looking forward to trying them! You can purchase a packet for a reasonable price for the size or monthly, weekly, daily subscriptions to what you prefer to get your fix of granola!

Granola for Gangsters products are packed with goodness, provide energy for you to complete your day and 100% natural ingredients!

You can find out more on their website, click here!

Follow their Instagram: @granolaforgangsters

Let us know if you have tried Granola for Gangsters granola before because we would love to hear what you thought of it 💪🏻

Thank you for reading, give us a follow on our blog or Instagram to keep posted for our reviews of these products. 😃

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Valentine’s Treat – The Nuthatch Cocktail Bar Special 🥂❤️

Hope all you lucky people in couples enjoyed Valentine’s Day!

We would love to let you know how we spent ours. We don’t go on many date nights but we thought this year we would treat each other. Our favourite cocktail bar were doing a special night which included: glass of champagne on arrival, two cocktails of our choice from their menu, nuts selection and olives finishing with a lovely 3 tier stand food platter.

To start the champagne was lovely and not too dry but unfortunately we didn’t catch the name or country it was from!

The four cocktails ordered between us both were called:

• The Nuthatch

• Sloe Dancing

• Afternoon Bramble

• Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Fizz

We picked all 4 gin based cocktails as we love Gin. These all had a different taste and flavour.

The Nuthatch is shaped after the bird and the cocktail bar, it is one of the well-known cocktails they make! If we go we always have to order it. This signature cocktail uses Edinburgh Gin raspberry liqueur giving it a fruity flavour. Decorated with burning rosemary!

Sloe Dancing is a Sloe Gin cocktail. Slow Gin is a berry flavoured Gin giving it a less alcoholic taste in your drink and a lovely juicy flavour!

Afternoon Bramble we had never tried before which came in a lovely teapot shaped jug and included Brockman’s Gin. This cocktail was a fruity mix of Pear, Cherry and Lemon tickling your tastes buds. Which was decorated with a bramble floating. You may think the fruit don’t go well together but with the addition of the Gin it was beautifully concocted.

Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Fizz, this contains the Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin. This cocktail you can first take the distinctive sharp and sweet rhubarb, which was closely followed by a fiery kick from the ginger. This cocktail would please and ginger spice lovers!

Whilst drinking our cocktails we were brought over a 3 tiered food platter stand consisting of: the bottom plate loaded with a selection of cheeses and hams, the middle plate included crackers, bread and butter and finally the top plate had a range of miniature desserts such as fudge truffles and macaroons. The food was delicious and they should serve it more often! The cheese and crackers went down lovely first of all with our champagne!

They serve olives and nuts already which are lovely to snack on whilst drinking the cocktails. The nut selection is definitely worth it and the olives are in a lovely chili flavoured oil to add that extra kick of flavour!

This little cocktail bar is worth a visit! During the week (Tuesday – Thursday) they have a selected few cocktails for only £5! What a bargain.

This is our favourite place to drink and we can’t wait for our next trip! Little announcement from themselves is new cocktails are on the way to their menu soon!!

Check out their website for all information about table booking, location and cocktail and drinks menu, click here!

Follow their Instagram: @the_nuthatch

Thank you for reading and we would love to know all about how you spent Valentine’s Day.

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Our Adventures at Edinburgh Zoo🐒🐧🐼🐯

Sorry readers we have been so busy but have some great experiences to share with you!

Well one of us celebrated their birthday the other weekend so the other surprised them to a trip to Edinburgh zoo! One place we both haven’t visited before so we would love to tell you all about our adventures at the zoo.

Ever been to Edinburgh Zoo before? It is definitely worth a visit!

As the zoo is up a hill we decided to rush to the top and work our way down. This was a good idea because everyone started at the bottom by the entrance so we got to see the animals on our own. I would recommend doing this and if you need mobility assistance that’s also available!

Edinburgh Zoo Park Map JPEG

The layout of the zoo is at the back there are the Big Cats, in the middle are Birds and Monkeys. To the left are more Monkeys, Giant Pandas and Penguins and at the front by the entrance are a variety from Pelicans to Meerkats. Above is the full map.

At the top of the map (top of the hill) there is a viewing point which shows some amazing views of Edinburgh. If you have a gorgeous clear day like us you can capture some fantastic photographs!


Our favourite animal to see was the Giant Pandas but they do spend most the day inside sleeping, we would in the cold February weather!


This cheeky guy below soon woke up when there was food placed in his room! Edinburgh zoo has a wide variety of Monkeys and it’s the animal we saw the most of.


Every day they run a Penguin parade at 14:15 if the Penguins are willing to participate. Unfortunately they all seemed too lazy and sunbathing to walk the parade the day we went.


Edinburgh zoo does have a wide range of animals but maybe only 1 or 2 of them and we did find many of the areas empty and no animals home. Also, the animal walkthrough which is where you can walk through the home of the breed with them (but always stick to the paths) which many of the animals were inside so we went through the Monkeys, Wallaby’s and the Lemur’s. Out of the 3 only the Wallaby’s were outside. Not sure if this was down to the fact we went in the cold February.


Other than this little bit of disappointment above we did really enjoy the day-trip and would visit again, in the summer next time! The weather was great for us which topped it off.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear from you guys if you have visited before and hear your reviews and see your photographs!

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First Month Results – NewMiTea Detox☕️

We have come to the end of our first month of NewMiTea’s detox package. As you might have read previously on our blog how positive drinking this tea has been for us and we can’t wait to get our next month started and carry on!


As a result of drinking 2 cups of tea a day we have benefitted from:

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Boost in energy levels
  • Snacking less
  • Clearer skin

And another benefit which arises from the above is you start to feel more positive and ready each day!

Detox tea has a number of other benefits and you might not see but make you feel better such as:

  • Reduces bloating
  • Boosts metabolism

If you are not a morning person or suffer from lack of energy during the day this is definitely worth trying to increase those levels and become more positive.

27046386_10210834565971276_1571086609_oSome people may think detox tea is quite bland and doesn’t work, but it is far from both! This package contains a lovely, sweet flavour and even better if you add a slice of lemon and also is 100% organic which gives brilliant results!

When we received this package we thought we would run out of tea leaves before the end of the month but don’t worry there is plenty in the bag and we have even had a few extra days of tea! Which is always a positive.

We 100% recommend this tea.

26972430_10210834566131280_1831556964_oPurchase from here! Their website even provides a free diet plan and can purchase a tea infuser to help you along the way.

If you are quick they have 20% off your first detox tea package!!

Follow them on Instagram to keep updated with their products and journey: @newmitea

NewMiTea Logo

Follow us to carry on our journey next month: @theeworldisyouroyster

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear about your journey!

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Tea Tourist – Shine & Sparkle Box⭐️

We are so lucky to get our hands on the Shine & Sparkle box by Tea Tourist.

This was Novembers box and been looking at it for a while but over winter we prefer to drink black tea rather than green and floral tea due to it being warmer and more filling on them cold, dark nights. However, we do love green and fruit teas in summer and as a change.


This box originally included:

  • Himalayan Darjeeling– by Pure Leaf (Black Tea)
  • Cheshire Breakfastby Cheshire Tea (Black Tea)
  • Autumn Fireby LEAF (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Black Cardamom Chaiby ICHAI (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Jade Tips by Good & Proper Tea (Green Tea)
  • Ali Mountain Oolongby Golden Tea Leaf (Oolong Tea)

Also we got our hands on the following two:

  • Spiced Orange Pekoe Teaby Spice Kitchen (Black Tea)
  • Mazawattee Earl Greyby Mazawattee Tea (Black Tea)

These two tea flavours are from their October box – Hats & Scarves. They are an amazing team!

We are so excited to try these 6 teas.

With us being fussy we can’t wait for the release of their new type of box – ‘Build a Box’ where you can select any 6 teas of your choice! What about that😁👌🏻 They have plenty of teas to chose from and taste☕️

Himalayan Darjeeling – Black Tea. Review up soon!

Follow our social media and website to stay updated with our journey through this box of teas. You never know you might just have the same taste in tea as us!

Our Instagram: @theeworldisyouroyster

Tea Tourist Instagram: @tea_tourist

Purchase this box from here!

Thank you for reading, reviews will be up soon for each one of these teas. If you have tried these flavours and have any favourites we should try, give us a message we would love to hear about them!

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NewMiTea’s Detox Tea – 3 Weeks Update☕️

We have only one week left of our first 28 days NewMiTea detox tea package. It has come round so quick and we are so excited to continue next month. It makes such a difference to your energy and day.


Having 2 drinks a day we won’t be able to live without it. This tea gives you a boost of energy whilst being really good for you! This is really good before starting a busy day at work. We feel we don’t need to snack as regularly which helps with the weight loss side of it.

Benefits we have seen 3 weeks in:

  • A good amount of weight loss – this is also down to eating correctly
  • Increases our energy levels during the day
  • Reduces the need to snack
  • Improvement to our skin

A really good benefit from drinking this tea is that it is helping our skin by reducing spots and being less greasy. This could be down to the reduction in snacking and sitting around but also the fact this product is 100% organic and filled with goodness than fatty, sugary drinks and food.


The tea is lovely and sweet after brewing it for 5 minutes (a bit longer than needed). The sweetness of the Raspberry Leaf flavour over powers the taste of tea leaving a lovely fruity taste.

This product is definitely worth purchasing if you need that little boost in energy or looking for a healthy weight loss programme you can trust.

We are looking forward to seeing the end of our first journey next week.


Follow NewMiTea account: @newmitea —- Follow their account to save 20% on your first purchase!

Purchase from here!


Following us to keep updated with our final stage of our first month process!

Follow our Instagram: @theeworldisyouroyster

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear all about your journey and if your opinions on this product.

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Fortnum & Mason: Christmas Spiced Tea☕️

Why not carry on the Christmas theme a little longer with some Christmas Spiced tea leaves by Fortnum & Mason.

We were given this as a present for Christmas as we love trying new tea flavours. From our first cup we have been addicted! This flavour gives you a lovely and warm feeling which is what you would like over the winter season.


This drink is full of festive flavours with hints of zesty clementine and cocoa nibs. This is a delicious Yunnan black tea which you can drink with or without milk. Just use a teaspoon per person and brew for 3-5 minutes.

What We Thought:

We left ours for about 5 minutes as we like our flavours strong but beware this does have a spicy kick aftertaste, so if you’re not a fan of strong spice flavours don’t brew for too long. This does give you a nice warm kick and even brewing it for a shorter time makes a lovely drink and barely any spice to hit you.


Thank you for reading and we hope you try this one out! Let us know your reviews and favourite teas.

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Real Techniques – Filtered Face Brush Set💄

This is our first post of 2018 and we would first like to say Happy New Year.

Today I am going to talk you through a present I received for Christmas! This was one of my favourite gifts and is just what I needed.


Firstly, Real Techniques is one of my favourite make-up brands and is very popular, specialising in make-up brushes and applications. I am going to talk about the Filtered Face Brush Set – which was a limited edition set. This set covers your whole face ranging from sponges for the coverage and brushes for the eyes, face and lips. They sell loads more styles of brushes and sponges than in this set but this is a good set to buy to get a brush/sponge to cover all your face.

This set includes:

  • Sponges (Largest to Smallest):
    • Miracle Complexion Sponge (Orange Sponge)
    • Miracle Sculpting Sponge (Pink Sponge)
    • Miracle Mini Eraser Sponge (Purple Sponge)
  • Brushes (Largest to Smallest):
    • Stippling Brush
    • Buffing Brush
    • Contour Brush
    • Setting Brush
    • Duo-Fiber Eye Brush
    • Domed Shadow Brush
    • Shading Brush
    • Lip Brush
  • Brush cup to store your brushes

This brush set is definitely recommended! My skin looks flawless after applying my make up by these brushes and blends colours perfectly. I have used other real techniques brushes before and would always stand by this brand. I had never used sponges before, but I thought I would try them to apply my foundation instead of a brush and it was so much better and gave me a smoother coverage!

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use these brushes to apply make-up, Real Techniques have tutorials on their products. I have checked them out many times and they have given me good tips on how to apply my make-up.


Check out their range:

Follow their Instagram account:


Thank you for reading and we would love to know what you thought of this set or any recommended sets.

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NewMiTea – New Year Detoxing

We have just discovered a lovely company, NewMiTea, that specialises in organic and natural detox tea.

Are you looking for a new start in 2018, wanting a healthy weight loss programme or just looking for some natural cleansing? Look no further this is the perfect product for you to becoming that new you!


About the Product:

You can purchase a 28-day pack or even a 14-day pack to try with first (we have only had ours a few days and can already tell a difference in ourselves). Don’t worry they even supply a funky designed tea infuser to get you started!

This tea is 100% organic and natural and cleanses your internal organs allowing the good vitamins and nutrients to do their magic! It contains: Oolong tea, Pu’erh tea, Raspberry leaf, Garcinia fruit and Rosehip and you get a lovely sweet, light tea taste.

Our Journey So Far:

We were lucky enough to grab a bag of the 28-day detox tea leaves and two infusers. We are currently a few days in and loving this product. We have two cups a day one with our breakfast to wake us up and get us set up for the day and one with tea when relaxing from a long day at work. We have noticed even over these last few days how much better our skin has become and fresher we feel with more energy ready for the day! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings. Keep an eye out for our finished post to see all the benefits and changes this product has done for us!

For our best results, we added 1 tbsp of tea leaves into our infuser and brewed in a cup of boiling water for 2-4 minutes.

To see a difference, you do need to keep fit and energetic and watch what you eat but all you need to help you out is on their website, here!


Follow NewMiTea’s Instagram: @newmitea

Follow our Instagram to keep updated with our journey: theeworldisyouroyster

Purchase from their website:

Thank you for reading and watch out for our finished results! We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

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