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Sorry we haven’t been active recently, we have been so busy with work and university! Finally got round to reviewing some new tea flavours, keep checking back for more posts😫.

First up is our first monthly tea subscription… January’s Raspberry Choc Kiss by Twist Teas.


We first met these two lovely ladies at the Great British Tea Festival and wow they sell an amazing choice of tea flavours. Even better they do a monthly subscription for only £5, where you can choose the tea flavour you want each month!☕️

To start we left the January tea on a random choice which was the Raspberry Choc Kiss, a Sri Lankan and Chinese black tea. This tea has additional hints of raspberry and hot chocolate perfect for a night of romance.

Ingredients: Sri Lankan Black Tea, Chinese Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs (9%), Cocoa Shells (7%), Rose Petals, Freeze-dried Raspberry (5%), Ashwaganda, Siberian Ginseng, Damiana and Vanilla Pieces.

  • Flavour: 7/10
  • Aroma: 6/10
  • Appearance: 10/10

We rated this tea at 77%.


This tea is a very fruity black tea, with a beautiful summer aroma. The appearance of this tea is beautiful, the bright pink/purples stand out from the black tea leaves. The aroma doesn’t linger for long, which can be a good and bad thing as it is beautiful and lovely to last long but doesn’t hang around in your living rooms for ages (if you didn’t like the smell, haha😂).

Recommended brewing time 3-5 minutes. We normally leave our tea to brew for longest time as we like ours strong but we don’t recommend leaving any longer than the 5 minutes as the raspberry within the tea can start to become very tart. We didn’t add milk but you can if you prefer to😊.


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Mazawattee Earl Grey by Mazawattee Tea Company Review☕️

Mazawattee Tea Company put their own creative twist on the classic Earl Grey black tea. If you are a fan of the classic Earl Grey or even a floral flavoured tea this blend is for you!


This blend is a mixture of loose tea leaves from Sri Lanka and South India and with a zesty and vibrant result. This blend is perfect for tennis lovers watching the Wimbledon. Proud to be British supporting this British family-ran company.

Ingredients: Black tea (94%), Orange Peel, Lemon Peel and natural flavouring.


Our Review:

  • Flavour: 8/10
  • Aroma: 5/10
  • Appearance: 6/10

We rated this tea at 63.3% but knowing the positive impact this company has on the atmosphere by using the biodegradable tea bags we happily rate this tea a 70%! We brewed our first tea for 3 minutes as recommended but this was weak for us. We left ours for 5 minutes and this was beautiful with a dash of milk. Lovely for sunny, summer afternoons with a florally taste and a zesty kick. Reminded us of a summer days in the garden.

Bio-degradable tea bags:

This product comes in bio-degradable silky pyramid tea bags – perfect for saving the environment.


Mazawattee Tea Company has produced a wonderful blend and we cannot wait to try their English tea next!

Follow their Instagram for updates: @mazawatteetea

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Thank you for reading – do you agree or not with our review? Comment below to let us know ⭐️

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Spiced Orange Pekoe by Spice Kitchen Review ☕️

The name explains this drink to a T(ea)!

This zesty tasting tea comes with a spicy kick. The orange flavouring and peel with the cinnamon blend really well giving this tea a smooth, strong taste.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Orange

Peel, Cloves and Natural Orange Flavouring.

Our Review:

• Flavour: 5/10

• Aroma: 7/10

• Appearance: 8/10

We rated this tea at 66.7% one of the top flavours.

This winter tea with a summer kick is perfect all year round. The cinnamon creates a more winter cup of tea vibe but with the zesty summer kick of the orange gives it that summer twist. This tea has enough flavour we didn’t add milk and brewed the tea leaves for 4 minutes.

As soon as you open the bag the aroma hits you and hangs in the air for a while after. The tea doesn’t lose its smell or flavour the whole time of drinking and even leaves a lovely weak smell in the room after. The appearance of a tea is also important and this tea has it all. Great lasting aroma, interesting taste and a beautiful appearance. The orange peel standing out against the black tea and hidden cloves popping up among the leaves. It is definitely bursting with ingredients and flavours.

The only down side is the taste can be quite bitter if left to brew for too long when the orange is left longer than required which is what we found with our first cup when left for 6 minutes.

This is our first tea taster from Spice Kitchen and we are very impressed by their creativity that creates the tea flavours they produce! We have our eye on Rose Earl Grey and Tropical Mango flavours to try next as these sound delicious and summery!

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this tea? What did you think of it, comment below or DM our Instagram account:


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Black Cardamom Chai by ICHAI Review☕️

This flavoured black tea is busting with flavours with ingredients from cinnamon to star anise and cloves. Again this tea also was awarded two gold stars by the Great Taste Award judges.⭐️⭐️

This tea is known to be popular with Whiskey drinkers, which put us off a little as we don’t drink a lot of Whiskey, but I’m glad we tried it. We can now say if you’re not a fan of Whiskey don’t let that put you off this tea! This tea is strong, rich and a smoky blend of Chai. Perfect for people who prefer a stronger tasting tea.

Ingredients: Black Tea, Cinnamon, Black Cardamom (12%), Green Cardamom, Star Anise and Cloves.

Our Review:

  • Flavour: 3/10
  • Aroma: 4/10
  • Appearance: 6/10

Overall we rated this 43.3% – this was our lowest rating which was influenced by the smoky aroma and aftertaste. With being non-smokers the tea gave a pretty strong aftertaste of smoke in your throat which really put us off. The tea tasted nice to start with, it was just after when it hit the back of your throat, which was a shame! The appearance of the tea was very pretty with the different colours and sizes of ingredients and the large star anise dotted in the mix.

We brewed ours for 5 minutes – this is within the recommended time and this was strong enough. This aroma hit you straight away, at first the cinnamon hits you but after a smoky smell lingers.

If this sounds like a tea you would like, purchase from here! 25g for only £3.95!

Thank you for reading. Have you tried this tea – get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

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Autumn Fire Tea by LEAF Review☕️

Well to start this tea won a Taste award in 2016!

This tea is from Tea Tourist’s – Shine & Sparkle – November’s monthly box ⭐️✨

Autumn Fire is a black tea with a spicy kick. Mixed with the black tea is cinnamon, rose petals, orange peels and almonds giving it a fruity and floral taste. Ceylon black tea is used within this mix which gives it the smooth and rich taste so when we added a dash of milk this gave it a smooth creamy texture.

Our Review:

  • Flavour: 6/10
  • Aroma: 7/10
  • Appearance: 8/10

This overall scored 70% this flavoured black tea has a strong flavour with a kick. It’s lovely but definitely a more autumn/winter drink due to its flavour. The cinnamon makes the flavour more of a Christmas/winter season drink. I do like a change during the year. On a gloomy not so summer day this would create a warm feeling inside. The floral and fruity taste does add to the summer vibes!

We brewed ours for 4 this time was perfect for us, it is recommended a brewing times of between 3 and 5 minutes so we picked the middle. We found it even better with a dash of milk this gave it a more creamy texture. We don’t normally add milk with flavoured black teas but this was definitely one to try it with.

The aroma hit you straight away, as soon as the packed was opened all the flavours filled the room and didn’t fade for a while. Even when the hot water hits the tea leaves in the cup the smell stays with the drink until you have finished.

The appearance is amazing. The orange peels and rose petals stand out of the dark black tea creating a firework look from there bright colours.

For a sample of this tea it is only £2 which makes 2 cups of tea If you want to try it first, Click here to buy yours now!

This is our first tea sample from the LEAF Company and the use of flavours mixed to create this tea is wonderful and definitely look to purchase more from this company in the future. We do have our eye on Champagne Cassis Tea and Fairy Wings Tea which both look to have a creative mix of flavours and sound delicious!

Thank you for reading our review on this tea! We would love to hear what you thought of this tea flavour is any from the LEAF company we should try!

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Cheshire Breakfast by Cheshire Tea Review☕️

This is another tea from Tea Tourist but from their Shine & Sparkle monthly tea box.

Cheshire Breakfast is a black tea from the Cheshire Tea Company. It is a mix of Kenyan’s Jan-Feb seasonal leaves, Assam leaves and India’s 2nd flush (June) tea leaves which creates a smooth tea blend. Mixed with the selection of black tea leaves is naturally dried safflower petals which gives it a sweet, chocolatey taste. 🍫

The dried safflower petals are known for a number of health benefits such as:

  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Controls blood sugar levels
  • Helps improve stress and anxiety
  • Helps boost the immune system (if drunk regularly)
  • Contains antioxidants

However drinking safflower in tea often can thin your blood – be careful if you have any blood related conditions.

This black tea includes approximately 27-36mg of caffeine per cup (per teaspoon serving) and for best tasting results brew between 3-7 minutes.

Our Review:

  • Flavour: 9/10
  • Aroma: 8/10
  • Appearance: 5/10

Overall this scored 73%, this was mainly due to the tea tasted beautiful! A smooth tea blend with hints of sweet chocolate, which wasn’t too strong either. For our results we brewed for 5 minutes and that was perfect time for us. We have always kept to 5 minutes of brewing and also added a dash of milk which we felt made it better. We prefer our black tea with milk but you can drink without. The smell lasts for long enough to enjoy your tea and fills the room with chocolate smell as soon as the water hits the tea leaves. Black tea appearance is never anything pretty or unusual to stand out but the hint of orange colour from the safflower petals gave it a bright colour amongst the dark leaves.

For a bag of this amazing tea is a bargain at only £3.95 for 50g if you want to try first.🍃

Buy yours now, click here!

Thank you for reading and have you tried this tea before? Let us know your opinions.

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Himalayan Darjeeling by Pure Leaf Review☕️

We Brits love a good cup of tea and we are going to review a selection of tea flavours from Tea Tourists Shine & Sparkle and Hats & Scarves boxes.


Starting with the Himalayan Darjeeling. This is by Pure Leaf and found in the Hats & Scarfs Tea Tourist monthly box.

Himalayan Darjeeling is a long leafed tea from the Himalayas. It has a subtle floral notes which creates a lovely sweet taste. This tea is very smooth and goes well with a dash of milk.


Our Review:

This tea is lovely but not one of our favourite flavours! This doesn’t have a strong flavoured taste, instead is quite a bland tea flavour resulting in a similar taste to standard black tea after a while. To really get the flavour you need to leave the tea to brew for a while or the floral sweet taste goes quickly.  Our first cup we brewed for 3 minutes like on the instructions and we thought the flavour faded quite quickly but our second cup we brewed for 6 minutes and was lovely, flavour lasted throughout. We added a dash of milk to both drinks as this is a black tea rather than a flavoured black tea which suggests the flavour to not be as strong.

Flavour: 5/10

Aroma: 5/10

Appearance: 4/10

Overall we rated this 47%, this was down to the flavour and aroma of the flavour disappearing quickly and the taste wasn’t as strong as expected. The tea looks plain as the leaves are long and plain black which give the impression of a bland tea.

Left image: brewed for 3 minutes.

Right image: brewed for 6 minutes.

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear your feedback on this flavour.

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T2: Melbourne Breakfast Tea☕️

This tea is our favourite T2 tea. Before blogging we discovered T2 in Leeds and this was the first tea flavour we tried! We knew we had to purchase it. When you step into a T2 store you are surrounded by tea flavours and spices.


We didn’t know what we liked as we had never experienced any tea flavours before but don’t worry the staff were amazing and a great help. Staff are always topping up the tea tasters in the middle but also walk around with a few to give you as you browse, this is where we tried this flavour as soon as we entered!

We even managed to experience live making of Matcha Green Tea when visiting the Leeds store and got a taste of it! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


If you fancy a tea flavour but it’s not out for tester give the staff a shout, they are happy to help if you ask to try if you are interested in purchasing! As you first enter there are all different flavours on little saucers to smell and see if you can’t decide.

About this tea:

Melbourne Breakfast is a black tea with vanilla flavouring. The vanilla creates a sweet taste to the tea. We prefer this tea with a dash of milk but you can drink without milk if you prefer, which is still nice. We brew for around 4-5 minutes as we like ours strong but this is perfect for us! Not too sweet either, tastes smooth black tea. As it was our first flavoured tea purchase we didn’t have a tea infuser so bought tea bags but next time we will purchase loose tea leaves as these you can brew again not throw out straight away.


Thank you for reading. We would love you to get in touch to tell us all about your favourite tea flavour whether T2 or another companies as we would love to try more.

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First Month Results – NewMiTea Detox☕️

We have come to the end of our first month of NewMiTea’s detox package. As you might have read previously on our blog how positive drinking this tea has been for us and we can’t wait to get our next month started and carry on!


As a result of drinking 2 cups of tea a day we have benefitted from:

  • Healthy weight loss
  • Boost in energy levels
  • Snacking less
  • Clearer skin

And another benefit which arises from the above is you start to feel more positive and ready each day!

Detox tea has a number of other benefits and you might not see but make you feel better such as:

  • Reduces bloating
  • Boosts metabolism

If you are not a morning person or suffer from lack of energy during the day this is definitely worth trying to increase those levels and become more positive.

27046386_10210834565971276_1571086609_oSome people may think detox tea is quite bland and doesn’t work, but it is far from both! This package contains a lovely, sweet flavour and even better if you add a slice of lemon and also is 100% organic which gives brilliant results!

When we received this package we thought we would run out of tea leaves before the end of the month but don’t worry there is plenty in the bag and we have even had a few extra days of tea! Which is always a positive.

We 100% recommend this tea.

26972430_10210834566131280_1831556964_oPurchase from here! Their website even provides a free diet plan and can purchase a tea infuser to help you along the way.

If you are quick they have 20% off your first detox tea package!!

Follow them on Instagram to keep updated with their products and journey: @newmitea

NewMiTea Logo

Follow us to carry on our journey next month: @theeworldisyouroyster

Thank you for reading and we would love to hear about your journey!

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Tea Tourist – Shine & Sparkle Box⭐️

We are so lucky to get our hands on the Shine & Sparkle box by Tea Tourist.

This was Novembers box and been looking at it for a while but over winter we prefer to drink black tea rather than green and floral tea due to it being warmer and more filling on them cold, dark nights. However, we do love green and fruit teas in summer and as a change.


This box originally included:

  • Himalayan Darjeeling– by Pure Leaf (Black Tea)
  • Cheshire Breakfastby Cheshire Tea (Black Tea)
  • Autumn Fireby LEAF (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Black Cardamom Chaiby ICHAI (Flavoured Black Tea)
  • Jade Tips by Good & Proper Tea (Green Tea)
  • Ali Mountain Oolongby Golden Tea Leaf (Oolong Tea)

Also we got our hands on the following two:

  • Spiced Orange Pekoe Teaby Spice Kitchen (Black Tea)
  • Mazawattee Earl Greyby Mazawattee Tea (Black Tea)

These two tea flavours are from their October box – Hats & Scarves. They are an amazing team!

We are so excited to try these 6 teas.

With us being fussy we can’t wait for the release of their new type of box – ‘Build a Box’ where you can select any 6 teas of your choice! What about that😁👌🏻 They have plenty of teas to chose from and taste☕️

Himalayan Darjeeling – Black Tea. Review up soon!

Follow our social media and website to stay updated with our journey through this box of teas. You never know you might just have the same taste in tea as us!

Our Instagram: @theeworldisyouroyster

Tea Tourist Instagram: @tea_tourist

Purchase this box from here!

Thank you for reading, reviews will be up soon for each one of these teas. If you have tried these flavours and have any favourites we should try, give us a message we would love to hear about them!

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